How well do you know your sports ?

Last week’s picture quiz with sweeties was far too easy. This one may be a bit trickier.

Can you name the 30 sports?

A score of 10 or more is good, 20 or more is very good. Adults may need to give a few hints.

Beaver Sports Night

We would normally have been outside this week doing these sports. If you are out safely in a park or garden – try some of these. Most can be done by one person as a time challenge.

  • Obstacle Course – Any obstacles to go over, under or round.
  • Water Race – transfer water from one bucket to another using a cup with holes in it.
  • Sack Race – old pillow slips or similar.
  • Egg and spoon – Potatoes are a bit less messy.
  • Marathon – three times round the outside of the Scout Hut or similar.
  • High jump – 2 vertical posts with a horizontal bar balanced on 2 clothes pegs.
  • Hurdles – any items to jump over. No more than about 50cm tall.
  • Frisbee Golf – See the details on the Scout Website. Frisbee Golf
  • Tug of war – equal teams with a rope and markers.

What sports are here ?

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a brilliant App called “what3words”. I think it can be used on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This App can pinpoint an exact location on a map. Follow these 3-word co-ordinates to identify what sport can be played here. Beavers will need help with this but it can be great fun exploring.

You may want to switch the map to satellite view and/or use street view.

Better still, visit the places on your daily walk (but keep safe) and take a photo.


And could you tell us using what3words where in Edinburgh we could go skiing, ice skating and Ten-Pin Bowling.



Indoor Football

Clear the furniture in a small room or long, thin hallway. Set up some goals and then use a small soft ball. Or you could use the same set up for indoor hockey or handball.


Laser Maze

This time you will need furniture in a room plus a long length of thread, wool or string. Set up the string in a zig-zag fashion across the room at various heights using knots and sticky tape. Then the challenge is to get across the room without touching the lethal lasers beams.


Marble Toe Race

Find two large bowls, fill the first bowl with water and place some marbles inside. The aim is to pick up the marbles and place them in another bowl by using only feet. The first one who can get all the marbles in the other bowl wins. If you don’t want to get your floors wet, lay towels on the floor, or skip the water component entirely.


Balloon Volleyball.

Normally we divide the Scout Hall in half but maybe you could set up a rope or a barrier across a room or in a garden. Two equal teams or indeed single players at either side of the net. The net should not be too high, maybe about 5 – 6 feet. Each team is given 10 points to start with. Use a normal balloon indoors or one of the giant ones outdoors (the ones with elastic bands that are used as Punch Balloons). The aim is to not let the balloon hit the floor on your side of the net. If it does, you lose a point but you keep playing. Once all 10 points are lost, your team is out. As well as defending their own floor, each team should pat the balloon over the net to get it to land on the other team’s floor. If there are more than 1 player per team, try introducing a second or 3rd balloon.


Making a mini football table



Indoor activities from the NHS







Remember – when you have had a go at this activity, get your parents* to post to the Facebook Group – with photos if you can.


*unless you are old enough to do it yourself!