We have been building up to this event all term. Just to recap what we’ve done:

On 22nd Feb – you learned all about emergency aid 

discovering an incident (DRABc) Danger!, Response, Airway, Breathing, check), recovery position, CPR, bleeding, fractures

On 7th March – you learned how to read a map – watch the videos

On 14th March – you learned how to use a compass to find your way

On 21st March – you learned about safety on the hills – what to do before, during and after an expedition to the hills.

So now it’s time to put it all into action as we put the OUT into SCOUTS!

Here are the arrangements:

Where do we meet and when? Meet at the Scout Hut: 0930

When do we get back? Return to the Scout Hut: to be confirmed but probably around 1600 (will text)

What do I need to bring? Bring: see kit list below

What do I need to wear?  see the kit list below

What does it cost?  no charge

Will I get a badge? after completing this challenge you will have earned the Scout Navigator Badge Stage 3

What if the weather is really bad? We’ll check the weather forecast on Friday night and let everyone know by text whether it’s on or not.


Kit List

Bring – in a rucksack or day sack

Three layers of clothing for top half of body – wear uniform sweat shirt and neckerchief



Waterproofs (jacket and bottom)

Walking boots/shoes

Long trousers (not jeans)

Food (sweets/sandwiches etc)


Torch + spare batteries

Personal first aid kit (any medication, plasters)

FULLY CHARGED mobile phone

Pencil and rubber

Extras for the team (supplied by the Troop)

Team first aid kit

Map and compass