Jail Break

Equipment: None

Two players are designated cops, one a jailor and the rest are robbers. A central location is designated as jail. All robbers are given some designated time to go and hide. Then the cops can go looking for the robbers. The jailor must stay and guard the jail. The cops catch a robber by one the methods below When a robber is caught, they are taken to jail by the cop. A jail-break can occur if a player manages to step into the jail without being caught by the jailor and shout Jail Break!. At this point all the players in the jail are free. The jailor must give them a little time to get away

Notes: The jail should be fairly out in the open and the boundaries definite.

Variations: The robber may be tagged, hit with a light beam, pull a wool armband off, hit with waterpistol, person identified correctly, or combinations of these