At the start of this term, our Beavers suggested loads of theme ideas for our Tuesday night meetings. This week was to be “Growing Things”.


Maybe you would like to try these activities at home. If so, please send us feedback. Or have a hunt on the internet for other ideas related to this theme and let us know what you find.




We had hoped to do a doorstep drop with a bag of compost, bulbs, cress, cotton wool, etc. (see photos) – but obviously, that can’t happen now.



Plant in soil

Have a hunt round the house, shed, etc. and see if there are any seeds or bulbs that could be planted. Maybe even some bird seed or pips from an apple. If you do find some, plant them in small tubs of soil or compost. Keep them moist (not drowned) and reasonably warm.


Plant on cotton wool

Or, put some kitchen roll or cotton wool on a small plate and place the seeds on to it. Add a small amount of water and keep them in a reasonably warm place. Once they have germinated and you can see the shoots and roots, you could then transfer them to a small amount of soil.


Keep them moist

In both cases, add a little bit more water each to keep the seeds moist day but not too much.


Make a time-lapse photo set

Also, it would be great if you could take a photo each day or week to keep a time-lapse record of them germinating and growing. Use the zoom on the camera to have a good look at the shoots and roots developing.

Remember – when you have had a go at this activity, get your parents* to post to the Facebook Group – with photos if you can.


*unless you are old enough to do it yourself!