To all parents of Scouts and Explorers attending camp

This email tells you the final arrangements for this year’s Summer Camp to Killin.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

You should already have had the earlier letter (there’s a copy on the website, along with loads of other information – go to this email has some extra information in it.

Here are the arrangements.

Money Matters

Contact during camp


When you arrive at the hut on Saturday there will be two luggage areas. One for your main luggage and one for your hand luggage with packed lunch and waterproofs in it.

Once you have dropped off your luggage you should go to the Check-in desk. There you can hand over any Medications in a clearly marked bag or envelope. We will also go over the permission details that you filled in online to make sure we have all the right information, and collect any remaining money. You will then collect a transport ticket which will say which car you will be in.

Don’t forget to bring…..

A good set of waterproofs – it WILL RAIN!

A working torch with fully charged batteries – we won’t have spares

We really do recommend a midge net, Midge repellent, suncream and after-sun (for all eventualities!)

Great camp tip – bring a pack of baby-wipes for keeping yourself fresh – from the comfort of your own sleeping bag!

But DON’T bring – any clothes or gadgets that you don’t want to get damaged, broken or lost.


Daisy & Harry

Our two friendly Boxer dogs love camp and are great fun to have around. However, if you or your child has any concerns about being so close to dogs, please speak to me before camp.

And finally

If your child is missing home we will do all that we can to resolve the issue at camp. However in worst case scenarios we may need to contact you to arrange to pick up your child. In the decades that we’ve been camping on the island we have only had to do this once.


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