Annual Report 2020-2021


and is expected to last around 30 minutes

Here’s our annual report for 2020 – 2021 

Once again our  AGM was postponed from its usual June slot, and will now take place by Zoom on Wednesday 10th November at 7pm – all parents have been emailed the zoom link, and all families are invited to attend.

The session will consist of a very short business meeting to review the past year, elect the Group Executive management committee for the coming year, and give all parents a chance to ask any questions. 

We are fast appoaching the end of another year and are hopefully now seeing a return to a more open society – but of course with obvious restrictions that are more manageable for our sections.

I have to say a Big Thank You to all our volunteer section leaders, assistants, and young leaders for all their hard work in programming meetings and activities either on the internet or face to face.

Also, all the young people in our group who have continued Scouting either online and now with face-to-face section meetings.

We as a Group are in a very strong position with the number of young people joining and wanting to join our sections, but we do require more assistance with our Hall for maintenance and on our Group Executive committee, so please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of our leaders to volunteer any of your time or practical skills in maintaining our sections and our hall in a safe and good condition.

Here’s to 2022.

Yours in Scouting

Andrew Dean

Group Chair

It has been another different year for Scouting in Granton and across the world’s 28 million Scouts!

However we are now almost back to normal, with extra care being given by the leaders when planning meetings, and everyone aged 12 and over wearing face coverings to help stop the spread of the virus. Things are looking brighter!

For much of the year Scouting was still quite strange. During lockdown Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers across the country – and the world – were Scouting differently. Scouts held meetings by Zoom. Beavers and Cubs continued with their weekly challenges, and Explorers met online.

Then, as resrictions gradually lifted, we moved through the ‘raediness stages from Red (no face to face), to Amber (some face to face outdoors) and we are now at Yellow, meaning that we just need to take a bit of extra care.

The Leader Team

We have a dedicated leadership team who provide great opportunities for our young people to enjoy new adventures; to experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The team continue to do training to help them do the job effectively. A few more of the team completed their “Wood Badge” over the year, meaning that they are fully tooled up and equiped as leaders. Everyone kept up to date with their mandatory oingoing training – in Safety, Safeguarding ands First Aid. And our new leaders got cracking with their ‘Getting Started’ training. All this meant that we were “good to go” whenever we were able to start again!

The team at the moment are: Anne, Scott, Nicola, Tracey and Fraser leading the Beaver Section, helped by Katie and Chloe as Young Leaders, Leisha, Tia, Kyle and Dylan leading the Cub Section assisted by John and Jamie as Young Leaders, with welcome assistance from Collette and Kirstie from time to time. Paul, Carrie, Katy, Derek and Roy lead the Scouts, with Grant as occasional Section Assistant. And finally, Stuart, David (Smithy), Luana, Caroline and Lukas leading Explorers. We are sad to be saying goodbye to 3 of our leaders later this year – Fraser and Tracey are moving back to the West, and David (Smithy) is leaving to move to East Lothian – via Glasgow! We wish them all well and hope that they manage to continue their Scouting adventure

Active Support Unit and Group Executive Committee

We have been planning for a while on starting an Active Support Unit (ASU) to support the Group and leaders in practical ways. We’ve not been able to make as good progress as we’d hoped over the year, but plan to get the Unit built up and ready for action very soon.
If you can offer any skills (even holding a paintbrush or washing second hand uniforms) please get in touch with myself or David ( or

If administration and committee work is more your bag then we are looking for parents and supporters to join the Group Executive Committee – the management committee of the Group. It would be good to have some additional parents to represent Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Interested? Email

Finally, on behalf of all the leaders we’d like to express our grateful thanks to all the adult team ‘behind the scenes’ – Andy the Group Chairman, Alan the Treasurer, Natalie who looks after hall bookings, and other parents and committee members.

2020 proved to be an unprecedented year on all fronts which had an effect on each & every one of us.

With the hall being closed there was no income from the hire of the hall & no means to fundraise therefore covering running costs was going to be difficult.

Thankfully the group received a grant from the City of Edinburgh Council which will ensure we are in a stable position financially to, although face-to-face was not possible, continue to offer scouting to our young people for the foreseeable future.

The group was also able to offer food-parcels to those who needed it.

We have 22 enthusiastic Beaver Scouts at the moment. Many members have transferred to Cubs over the last 12 months and we have welcomed several new members from our waiting list. This has of course been another challenging year for everyone and we thank Beavers, leaders and parents for understanding the various restrictions and following the protocols that we have implemented.

As always the Beaver Scouts always get to choose the programme themes at the start of each term. Since our last report in September 2020, we continued to have Zoom meetings on the theme of inventors till we were allowed face to face programmes in October. We learned about space, jungle animals and sea creatures. We had to bring our own food the Christmas Party as the risk assessment for our hut didn’t allow us to use the kitchen. However it was really successful and the rest of the party was full of games music and noise!

At the turn of the year we were all back in lock down till early April and we went back to Zoom and were joined by some Cub Scouts for the themes of pirates, pollution and movies. Scott also made a local knowledge quiz walk to encourage us to be outdoors.

From April onwards we were allowed to have outdoor meetings and even when it was raining we had outside games, teamwork challenges and activities. Then in the middle of May we moved to indoors with health & fitness, trains, trucks & machines, staying safe and reptiles. All Beavers and leaders made or renewed their Promise

Since we returned for a new session in August we have continued to keep to the Covid guidelines regarding cleaning, hand sanitising and adults wearing masks.

Our programmes since August have included looking at what Beavers in Italy, USA, Australia and the Netherlands do. In early September, we put the OUT in scOUTing a wonderful walk up Corstophine Hill with an eye spy quiz. Thank you to Paul (one of the Scout Leaders) who came to boost out adult to Beaver ratio.

We still have a variety programmes including the senses, chocolate and minibeasts to look forward to before our 2021 Christmas Party.

Thank you to the other leaders of the group who give us help and support when we need it. We have a great leadership team and all help each other.

Anne, Scott, Nicola, Tracey, Fraser, Chloe and Katie.

87th Beaver Leaders

Despite the challenging year we’ve had with lockdowns, our pack being split into 2 groups. We are delighted to now be back to “normal” with 22 enthusiastic Cubs. All working together, trying out new challenges, making new friends and having fun!

Cubs have been busy working towards various badges, learning new skills, working on teamwork and problem solving.

Some of the activities have included archery, curling, raft making and a visit to Inverleith Park for wide games.

Unfortunately due to restrictions for the 2nd year we missed out on our Cub camp, I know the Cubs and leaders are keen to get away next year, here’s hoping we are able too.

Few changes to our leadership team which now consists of myself, Kyle and Tia. Tia has been a great addition, bringing a lot of skills and ideas to the team whilst working hard on her training. Colette still joins us when she can and always bring lots of energy to the evenings! Kirsty (previous Cub parent) continues to help us out when needed.

Currently we have 2 young leaders, John and Jamie. Jamie is a member of the district explorers and whilst working towards his Bronze DOE, he chose to complete the volunteering section with our Cubs. Congratulations to Jamie who has now successfully completed his Broze award and will be starting to work towards his Silver DOE soon, luckily for us he has chosen to continue volunteering with Cubs.

All the Cub leaders would like to thank the other section leaders for their ongoing help and support, helping out at pack nights when needed. Also all the parents for their understand and support throughout the past year.  

There’s not a great deal to say by way of update for Scouts that hasn’t already really been said in any of the other updates. The restrictions imposed by COVID saw Scouts start last year with a ‘Blended Programme’ whereby half the troop would meet online and the other half face-to-face with a weekly rotation.

Unfortunately as with a lot of things being virtual, the interest dwindled in these meetings and so we decided to trim things and take a bit of a break at the beginning of 2021.

We started back up around Easter, again with a weekly rotation but this time with only face-to-face meetings. We had visits to Cramond Island, practiced our firelighting skills and putting tents up & down taking us nicely into the summer break when we’d normally be preparing for camp!

We’ve had a few weeks back since the summer break now, and we’re lucky to have been joined by a few more Cubs and also some brand new members which is always great to see!

Leadership team remains strong with Carrie, David, Derek, Grant, Katy, Paul & Roy and the troop currently has almost 30 Scouts which is very healthy – we’re gonna need a bigger hall!

Hopefully by the next AGM we’ll be able to report back on a return to even more normality and adventurous activities!


Scpout Leader

Explorers currently have a strong leadership team consisting of Stuart, David,  Caroline,  Luana and when required Lukas.
Unfortunately David will be leaving soon as he is moving away from Edinburgh. 
Due to Covid-19 the number of meetings were restricted and more challenging resulting in a limited program.
The highlight over the last year was being able to organise a summer camp in Killin at short notice where we were rewarded with fantastic weather.
Due to a successful grant application we were able to subsidise summer camp and also purchase 2 kayaks. These 2 kayaks allowed explorers to add kayaking in Granton Harbour as a new activity.

Teamwork is at the heart of Scouting, we build it in young people, and it takes teams of adults to make it happen.

This year we are planning on having absolutely loads of fun and to make it one of our best years ever!

To make the most of all the opportunities in the Group we want as many children and parents as possible to take part.

If you can help the group, please let us know how you could support our events and camps, or maintain our kit and building, by ticking some of the boxes below

(By the way – none of these roles are paid!! They are all voluntary in the same way as Leaders are volunteers).

Got a minute? Let us know how you can help out