Here’s our annual report for 2018-2019. It’s been a great year. The AGM is at the Scout Hut on Monday 3rd June at 18:30 – all invited. There will be a very short business meting followed by a BBQ and a chance to chat with the leaders.

Teamwork is at the heart of Scouting, we build it in young people, and it takes teams of adults to make it happen.

This year we are planning on having absolutely loads of fun and to make it one of our best years ever!

To make the most of all the opportunities in the Group we want as many children and parents as possible to take part.

If you can help the group, please let us know how you could support our events and camps, or maintain our kit and building, by ticking some of the boxes below

(By the way – none of these roles are paid!! They are all voluntary in the same way as Leaders are volunteers).

Got a minute? Let us know how you can help out

We’re pleased to report that 2018-2019 has been a brilliant year for Granton Scouts.

We have a dedicated leadership team who provide great opportunities for our young people to enjoy new adventures; to experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The team continue to do training to help them do the job effectively. As well as the standard on-going training for leaders, David Smith gained his mountain activity permit and Paul & Leisha gained the permit that’s needed to run residential events such as camps and pack holidays. 

It has been great to see our young people reach the age of 18 and starting out on the path to becoming adult leaders, with Dylan training to be Assistant Cub Scout Scout Leader and Kyle and Sophie on the path to becoming sectional assistants. We also are delighted to welcome Claire Hughes to the leader team – Claire joins us with masses of Scouting experience, mainly from her home city of Dublin.

We are also pleased to welcome new trustees to the Group Executive Committee – Denise Manson as secretary and Alan Williamson as Treasurer.

The team at the moment are: Anne, Scott and Tia leading the Beaver Section, helped by Sophie as Section Assistant. Leisha and Adam leading the Cub Section assisted by Euan as Section Assistant, Erin as Young Leader and Kyle whoi is about to start in an adult role next term as Section Assistant. Collette is currently in Ireland studying outdoor activities, and Claire is about to join th eteam at Cubs. Paul, Carrie, Katy, David, Derek, Roy lead the Scouts, with Grant continuing as Section Assistant. And finally,  Stuart, David (Smithy) and Luana leading Explorers, while Seamus is taking a break to concentrate on his studies..

Busy Programme
I’m sure that you’ll agree when you read the Section reports that every section has had an adventurous, varied and fun programme over the year.

Finally, on behalf of all the leaders we’d like to express our grateful thanks to all the adult team ‘behind the scenes’ – Andy the Group Chairman, Cliff the Hut Caretaker, Alan the Treasurer, Natalie who looks after hall bookings, Denise as secretary and other parents and committee members.

Another amazing Scouting year for the 87 th Group , as you can see from all the section reports.

Our Group numbers are at a all time high with a waiting list for the Beaver and a Cub sections and the Troop up at high levels of participation which is great to see.

To your behalf I would like to give a big vote of thanks to all the section leaders , volunteers without whom the Group would not exist.
And to the young people who attend with such enthusiasm and excistment, who are the future life of the Group.

Here’s to 2019-20 .

Yours in Scouting .

Andrew Dean
Group Chair

We have 21 enthusiastic Beavers at the moment. A few members transferred to Cubs in January and quite a few more will be ‘pulled up’ at the Group AGM. We are looking forward to welcoming new members from the waiting list in August.

As always, the Beavers have had a very varied programme since last August. Beavers get to choose the programme themes at the start of each term. Their ideas included science, potatoes, mini-beasts, Lego, chocolate, emergency services, pirates and various animal themes. We rehearsed and performed the “Emperor’s New Clothes” which was great fun. In January, we learned about Tam O’Shanter at our Burns night including a game to catch Meg’s tail. Magic Gareth entertained us for an hour with various tricks and balloon modelling. The Beavers loved it – and the Leaders were a bit bemused as to how he did some of the tricks. In February, we started a series of nights relating to the senses. That allowed us to do various smelling, tasting, touching, seeing and hearing activities.

We have done our little bit for the environment with a recycling theme followed by an upcycling night. We have learned about the Beaver animal and we have all made or renewed our Beaver Scout Promise.

With the lighter nights and a perfectly timed low tide, we stomped out to Cramond Island for our wellie walk. We had a snack on the beach after looking at the ruined buildings then we all had a shot of the emergency shelter tent – that we had taken just in case ! At the end of May, we will head to North Berwick by train for our annual picnic. We will spend some time in the playpark and then head to the beach. We will end the year with our sports night and BBQ in our grounds.

One of our highlights was our sponsored DIY event. In one hour, each Beaver successfully had a shot at 10 different DIY skills ranging from putting in nails to drilling, sawing, wallpapering, plumbing, painting and tiling. They all had a great time. Our Beavers raised over £600, which will pay for the North Berwick picnic and will be used to buy a range of new games and activity equipment for the Group. Many thanks to the parents for getting the sponsorships and for our many adult helpers who supervised the bases.

We have help every Tuesday from our Young Leaders Tia and Sophie. We also rely on all of the other Group leaders and adult helpers for occasional support. And finally – a big thank you to all parents for their continued encouragement that they give to the Beavers and Leaders.

Please have a look at our display board and slide show at the AGM.

Anne, Scott, Tia and Sophie.
87th Beaver Leaders

At the moment we have 23 Cubs, 3 who will be moving on to Scouts after the Summer and we will be welcoming 6 from Beavers. We will then have a full pack and have already started a waiting list.

End of last summer term unfortunately our canoeing session was cancelled the night before but we had water games and sausage sizzle at the hut instead. This proved to be really popular, wet and fun day! Cubs v Leaders and Cubs definitely won!

As always we have had a busy varied programme with Cubs being involved in planning for each term. Cubs have worked hard achieving various badges including Fire Safety which involved a visit to the local Fire station, we got to see all the different equipment, inside of the fire engines and their very heavy uniform! Whilst we were there the firemen had a call out which was exciting for us to see.

Scout leaders kindly took the Cubs out on speed boat, Cubs had as great time out on the water and even had a shot at driving the boat!

Take a look at our slide show to see some photos of the other themes we’ve covered which have included Home Skills, Halloween, Team work, Problem solving, archery, climbing Pancake making, pioneering, pitching tents,

I’m very pleased to say that we also have Cubs who have achieved their Chief Silver Award, this is the top award in Cubs and a massive achievement. To gain this award they need to earn all 7 Challenge badges (There are many parts to each badge) and 6 activity or staged badges.

We recently welcomed Dylan to our leaders team. Dylan was a Scout and Explorer at the 87th. He has now chose to take on an Assistant Cub Leader position. Adam has remained as assistant Cub leader and Euan as section assistant. Erin and Kyle have continued in their young leader roles with Kyle choosing to take on an adult position within Cubs after he turns 18 this year.

We continue to receive support from other leaders within the group which allows us to do more with the Cubs. Last year we successfully trialled a parents rota and this may be something we will use again to help with our growing pack.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the other leaders and parents for their ongoing support and help throughout the year.

We’ve had another very successful year with the troop since the AGM in 2018. Our troop has almost doubled in size from 15 members at last AGM to a staggering 29 currently enrolled with us!

We spoke last year about the hard work that had been done by David on social media in an attempt to publicise the great work we do and to get new members – and this has obviously worked wonders.

We’re now at a stage of pretty much being at capacity in terms of young people, which really goes to show how any adult help to grow our sections could go a long way.

The leadership team remains the same with Paul as Section Leader assisted by Carrie, David, Derek, Grant, Katy and Roy. Over the course of the last few months, Paul has been successful in gaining his Nights Away Permit which means he can now run camps, and Katy is just waiting on an assessment date to get her permit too.

On the subject of camping, we had our usual Summer Camp at Sandy Island last year and had a PL camp at the start of this year – which the Patrol Leaders planned themselves – really demonstrating the skills for life that they have learned over the last few years in the troop.

Our programme has been filled with YouthLed ideas including outdoor activities both on and off the water. We’ve also been working on navigation and first aid badges recently which is going really well.

We have Summer Camp planned for this year between 27th July and 2nd August and it’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t already done so! Please speak to any of the Scout Leaders here tonight if you’re interested.

With social media in mind, Scouts Leaders have recently set up a new parents WhatsApp group on a trial basis to help improve communications between parents and leaders. Please consider signing up to this if you haven’t already done so.

The last year has been challenging as a number of our current Explorers turned 18 over the last year and no new members came up from scouts. We are expecting a number of scouts to move up to Explorers after the Summer holidays.

Due to Scout Hall availability, most of our meetings are held at Granton Church Hall with the occasional meeting at the Scout Hall. 

We currently have a strong leadership team consisting of Stuart Young, David Smith, Seamus Somerville and Luana Carecchio who between them have the following Scout Activity Permits.

–          Power Boat (x2)

–          Safety Boat (x2)

–          Paddlesports (x1)

–          Hill Climbing T1 (x1)

–          Nights Away (Camping) (x2)

Over the last year we have taken part in the following activities : Navigation (Mapping Compass), Canoeing, Kayaking, Baking, Fire Lighting, Ten-Pin bowling, Cooking, HillWalking, Archery, Bushcraft, Swimming, Power Boating, BBQ on Cramond Island and Burns Night.

For Summer Camp in 2018 we held a joint camp on Sandy Island (Killin) with the 87th Scouts.