AGM/BBQ & Annual Report 2023-2024

Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM is being held on Monday 3rd June from 6.30pm. It’s an event for parents to meet, hear what the young people have been up to, speak to the leaders, and enjoy a BBQ.

There will also be a very short business meeting – The Annual General Meeting – we need to do this as a charity.

I’d like to invite you and your family to this year’s event on Monday 3rd June at 18:30 – 20:00 at the Scout Hut.

Chas Macintosh

1. Introduction and welcome

2. Apologies for absence

3. Governance including:

     Approval of minutes of last year’s AGM

     formal adoption of the model constitution

4. Review of the previous year including

     review of the Annual Report and accounts

5. Making appointments

6. Closing remarks 

Going Up ceremonies


The end of another Scout year with another amazing full programme carried out by all our young people in all sections ably support by our volunteer leaders – a big shout out to them all! As the Trustee Board we aim to give them our full support  – without them we could not carry out any Scouting in our area.

So a million thanks to them from all the Trustees and supporters of the 87th – long may this continue.

Also a thanks to all Trustees for their time and support – here’s to another good year of Scouting .

As you’ll know, we are always looking for assistance in any way – even for an hour  – to help continue Scouting , so please contact me or any Trustee  or leader if you could support us in the year ahead.

Many thanks
Andrew Dean

Busy Programme

I’m sure that you’ll agree when you read the Section reports that every section has had an adventurous, varied and fun programme over the year.

On behalf of all the leaders we’d like to express our grateful thanks to all the adult team ‘behind the scenes’ – Andy the Group Chairman, Alan the Treasurer who also looks after hall bookings, and Sine & Emma who serve as Trustees.

With a volunteer team of around 15 and around 65 young people in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, Granton Scouts is the biggest volunteer-led organisation in the area!

We are delighted to say that all sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, have continued to be fully subscribed over the past year. Every week we help over 65 young people aged 6-14 develop skills for life. We also have a very full waiting list – some are unlikely to get a place until they are old enough for Explorers at age 14 – so we could do so much more with more leaders!

Are you ready to join the adventure?

Running a group like this, with our own hall, equipment and boats, is a massive job, so we’ll not beat about the bush – we are looking for your help.

  • Whether you have loads of free time or can only spare an hour a month – there’s something that you can do to help.
  • Whether you can come to the Scout Hut or are stuck at home – there’s something you can do to help
  • Whether you would like to work with young people, with stuff, or with admin – there’s something you can do to help.

Please don’t wait to be asked personally – just drop me an email and we can arrange a chat – or speak to any of the leaders on Monday or Tuesday nights – no strings attached (really – if you end up not volunteering that’s fine – it will be good to chat anyway).

We are also looking for parents and other supporters to simply join a Whatsapp Group that the leaders can post requests for help onto. This might be for occasional jobs around the hut, help at section meetings or lending a hand preparing for camp. We call this group the “ASU” – Active Support Unit, and it’s a great way to give practical support to Scouts in a light-touch way, without too much commitment. Please consider signing up to this.

The Team

We have a dedicated and flexible leader team who provide great opportunities for our young people to enjoy new adventures; to experience the outdoors; interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Beavers – the Beaver Colony is still being run by Anne and Scott (they’ve been running the Colony for over 35 years!!). They continue to be assisted by Jen and Rebecca, and we are glad to say that Katie moved into a full adult roll when she turned 18 last year.

Cubs – we were very grateful to Andy Welsh taking over as Cub Leader after the summer break last year, ably assisted by Kyle and Jen. We also have two amazing Young Leaders helping every week at Cubs – Lilly and Jamie.

Scouts – the team leadership model in Scouts is slightly different to Beavers and Cubs, with no overall leader in charge – and it works really well. The team consists of Carrie, Katy, David, Paul, Derek, Roy and Jen. 

Explorers – although we no longer have an Explorer Unit meeting here in Granton, we have a good connection with the Pink Panther Explorers in Blackhall and encourage our older Scouts to join them when they leave the Troop. 

Finally, I’d like to mention a bit of admin that would make the leaders’ lives a bit easier, and also make our Scouting safer…….

Contact and personal details – it’s really important that parents make sure contact and personal details – such as allergies and medical information – are complete and up-to-date. This means that at a minimum we need to hold details of 2 adults that can be contacted in case of emergencies, and that we are able to pass relevant details onto emergency services if needed. Every parent should have been given login details for Online Scout Manager – if in doubt just ask.

Another good year for the group as a whole. Hall hire figures are down on the previous year however we are confident that this is on the increase & that the current group trustee board are monitoring all aspects to ensure the best scouting experience possible is provided for our young people.

We have 21 enthusiastic Beaver Scouts at the moment. Several members have transferred to Cubs over the last 12 months and we have welcomed several new members from our extensive waiting list. Our volunteer Leadership team consists of Jen, Katie, Rebecca (on study sabbatical at the moment) Anne and Scott. We are really grateful for all the help from Kyle one of the Cub volunteers, Katy one of the Scout volunteers, plus many other section volunteers that help us at events. We have a great leadership team across the group who all help each other. Also a big thank you to parents for their continued support and encouragement.

As always, the Beaver Scouts have a say in choosing the programme topics at the start of each term. The Autumn term of 2023, our themes covered Robots, Fish, Lego, Space, Trains and Animals. We had a very successful DIY night where Beavers completed 10 DIY skills such as painting hammering, tiling etc. We also participated in the Community Act of Remembrance at the local church with a family breakfast beforehand.

Since January we have participated in a variety of different themes including Archery, Healthy Eating, Beavers in other countries, Minibeasts, and Potatoes. Our Campfires and Cooking night was very popular when we made S’mores and Bananas with melted chocolate on a campfire. We have also learned about the senses with programmes focussing on how we hear, see, touch, taste and smell.

We have already had one outdoor activity this session with our boat trip on Sparkie. We are looking forward to our picnic to North Berwick where we will travel by train, play in the playpark and then go on to the beach. Plus, we still have a wellie walk to Cramond to look forward to.

Yet to come before the end of term is a toy party and a programme on cats as well as our end-of-term sports night. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us for that.

We have had two planned fire drills this session – November and May plus another time when Anne burnt the microwave popcorn and set the smoke alarm off! Beavers all evacuated calmly.

All the Beavers and the volunteer leaders have either made or renewed their Beaver Promise. We all now know that once you promise to do something you have to make sure you keep it.

I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and love the world.

Please have a look at our display board and slideshow at the AGM and feel free to ask the volunteers any questions.

We regularly post photos of our weekly meetings on our Scout Group closed Facebook page. Follow the link on our Scout Website to request to join.

Jen, Katie, Rebecca, Anne and Scott – aka 87th Beaver volunteer team.

The Pack has had a great year! We have 19 members who are keep the leaders on their toes. The Cub section has been very busy this year, with Cubs earning the  Chef’s activity badge by doing some cooking at home and learning about kitchen safety,

They  also earned the  team work badge  Jamie Sneddon, our young leader, organised and led this, They  also earned the Fire safety badge with a trip to the fire station where they mastered using the hose and watched a presentation, The first part  of this was learning how best to evacuate the hall and what to do in an emergency so we could tell the firefighters what we had done too.  One Cub has also  completed an Air activities badge and we hope they will be able to hep us do this great badge with the rest of the group next term.

During our weekly activities the Cubs have also built up their  pioneering skills by making Viking Catapults and shelter building and they have learnt about the Chinese new year and its customs. As a group we have retaken our promise and learnt about the Cub Scout law. We also did some first aid and tasted some Haggis and tablet on Burns night

We also enjoyed Halloween and Christmas parties  One of our most  enjoyable activities  has been boat trips on Sparkie so thanks to the boat team for all their help with this.

Next year we plan to run a similar programme where we will  do more badges  as a group and have these mixed in with fun activity and challenges that the Cubs enjoy. If your Cub has any interest or hobbies  please let us know  so we can incorporate this into our programme.

Andy, Kyle, Jen, Jamie and Lily – aka “The Cub team”

Its been another fantastic year in the Troop. With 25 Scouts, we have worked hard to deliver a programme that gives young people the chance to have some fun and learn some valuable skills for life. 

We once again went camping on Sandy Island, it was another packed programme which included speedboating, canoeing, bushcraft and lots of skills for life. We are returning again this year and looking forward to building on the success of last year. 

As well as camping and all our usual Troop nights throughout the year we have tried hard to spend time with various external groups. We have visited the RNLI at South Queensferry, Crewe Toll Fire station and had a last minute trip to Drylaw Police station. We have also been on a modern slavery walk where Scouts were given some insightful information.  Most recently we have also spent time out on the group speedboat “Sparkie” in Granton Harbour. 

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to continuing to give the young people in the Troop great experiences and the opportunity to learn some skillsforlife

David, Paul, Carrie, Katy, Derek, Roy and Jen – aka “The Scout Troop Leadership Team”

Teamwork is at the heart of Scouting, we build it in young people, and it takes teams of adults to make it happen.

To make the most of all the opportunities in the Group we want as many children and parents as possible to take part.

If you can help the group, please let us know how you could support our events and camps, or maintain our kit and building, by ticking some of the boxes below

(By the way – none of these roles are paid!! They are all voluntary in the same way as Leaders are volunteers).

Got a minute? Let us know how you can help out