Beaver Leaders – Anne & Scott Macintosh

Cub Leaders – Isobel Logan, Daniel Logan, Christine Telford

Troop Leaders – Chas Macintosh, Derek Young, Grant Parkin, Roy Dodds.

Other leaders this decade – Sean Beech (or was he earlier?)

Summer Camps to Sandy Island, Loch Tay – first recorded 87th camp there was in the late 50s!

Group Chairman – Andy Dean – previously George Johnstone,

Explorers Scouts were started in 2006(?) under Stuart Young and Gillian Macintosh

First female members joined (Abigail Parkin and Jenny Young) in 2006.

Celebrated the Scouting Centenary in 2007 – Centenary Camp in May, Summer Camp Sunrise Ceremony on 1st August 2007 on Sandy Island, Loch Tay.

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