Help inspire Granton's doers and give it a goers of the future.

Together, we help them take a deep breath, ignore the butterflies, and go for it.

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The 87th Craigalmond Scout Group meets in the Scout Hut, Boswall Parkway in Granton on the north side of Edinburgh. We welcome new members aged 6 – 14 to be added to our waiting lists.

Another year of #skillsforlife

Our AGM is on Monday 13th June at 6.30pm in the Scout Hut

Annual General Meeting This year’s AGM is being held on Monday 3rd June from 6.30pm. It’s an event for parents to meet, hear what the young people have been up to, speak to the leaders, and enjoy a BBQ. There will also be a very short business meeting – The Annual General Meeting – we […]

As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more.

Each week, we give over 90 local young people* the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed. We’re talking about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.

*There are 465,000 young people in UK Scouting. There are over 150,000 adult volunteers in UK Scouting’.

Get Involved

Like all Scout Groups, we have a Committee consisting of parents, leaders and other supporters who look after the administration and fund-raising involved. Could you help too?
Or would you like to become a uniformed Leader? 

  • 11 of the 12 people to walk on the moon were Scouts.
  • Scouts have stood on the summit of Everest and at the South Pole.
  • Scouts are public spirited – all our leaders are volunteers and nearly half (47%) volunteer outside of Scouting as well.
  • Over 150,000 adult volunteers in Scouting learn new skills, make new friends and make a positive impact in their communities.
  • We offer over 200 activities from abseiling and coding to drama and water-zorbing.
  • Over a quarter of UK Scouting’s membership is female.
  • Scouting offers hundreds of different volunteer roles from management
    positions to behind the scenes roles like driving the minibus or painting and
  • 1 person began Scouting in 1907; today 620,000 Scouts now take part in the UK and 40 million around the world.
  • What have Barack Obama, David Beckham, Paul McCartney, The Duchess of Cambridge, Richard Branson and Jamie Oliver all got in common? They were (or are) all Scouts.

Adult volunteers

Our award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouts as young people. 

There are 3 sections in the 87th for different age groups. There are also “Explorer Scouts” for 14 – 18 year olds. All sections welcome both boys and girls.

++ Beavers
Beaver are for boys and girls aged 6 – 7 and meet on Tuesdays from 1800-1900

++ Cubs
Cubs are for boys and girls aged 8 – 10 and a half and meet on Mondays from 1800-1930

++ Scouts
Scouts are for young people, boys and girls, ages 10 and a half to 14 and meet on Mondays from 1930 -2115

++ Explorers

Explorers are for young people aged 14 – 18 and meet on Mondays


Meetings are in the Group Headquarters – The ‘Scout Hut’ in Boswall Parkway, Edinburgh – map

These sections are supported by the Group Executive Committee and the Active Support Unit.

:: Group Executive

The Group Executive is the “Management Committee” of the Scout Group – more


The ASU is a group of volunteers who support our leaders to continue providing the best possible programme for all our young people.

You can volunteer as little or as much time as you can spare. & you don’t need to have any scouting experience to help us

It could be driving the van to our annual camp, towing our boat for annual servicing, doing maintenance on our hut or supporting us at camps. No matter how big or small your contribution, everyone can have a part to play & can make a massive difference to the young people

If you arr interested, drop us a message via Facebook or email

There are over 28 million Scouts worldwide
Take the first step now to becoming one

Scouting is all about having fun, making friends and learning new skills. We aim to help young people reach their full potential as active members of the community who are self-reliant, caring, responsible and committed. Along the way we provide opportunities for adventure, fun and challenge.

Scouting is open to all young people, girls and boys, aged 6 to 25 of every faith and background. There are also plenty of opportunities for adults to become involved as Leaders, Assistants or Administrators.

There are different groups catering for the different levels of the programme in every area.

We are grateful for the community groups that use our hall when not in use for Scouting. Their support means that we need to rely less on fundraising to fund our work.